We develop various machines and equipment related to medicineWe develop various machines and equipment related to medicine

TOSHO has long been developing tablet dispensing machines designed for personnel working in hospitals and pharmacies, with the idea of handling drugs more safely and effectively than before. Our product lineup includes machines and systems for dispensing medicine, managing medicine, as well as environmental equipment ensuring comfortable working conditions for medical staff. Our machines are running today to support safe dispensing operations.

Xana-4001U2 - Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine Xana-4001U2

The Xana-4001U2 has passed the strict requirements set in Europe and has been released in over 20 countries. The Xana-4001U2 has been successfully recognized as the de facto standard of tablet dispensing machine in the industry. They are ready to be used upon order.

Xana-U4002 / Xana-U3002 - Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine

TOSHO Xana series are accurate, high speed and reliable Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine. Xana-U4002 and Xana-U3002 are TOSHO Xana generation product with years of experience in pharmacy automation, enhancing the safety and performance.

Xana-2040EU.CE - Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine

Xana-2040EU.CE provides compliance packaging with increased productivity. This compact model fits into available space in your pharmacy.

Xana-100 - Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine

Small pharmacies can now be more efficient with our new Xana series. Introducing a new line up of machines targeting smaller pharmacies.

Filia Solution - Software solution for raising the efficiency of machine dispensing

Filia is a system designed to provide an environment that allows you to use tablet dispensing machines efficiently. To use the machines efficiently, it is important to establish a system that encompasses and takes into consideration all of the different operations in the facility. Based on our rich experiences from various countries, we have in Filia reviewed dispensing operations and completed a system serving as a perfect tool for using tablet dispensing machines efficiently.

Packing paper,ink ribbons and other pharmacy consumable supplies


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