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Your best pharmacy solutions Your best pharmacy solutions

TOSHO cares about, not only supporting medicine dispensing customers and their GEMBA, but also supporting those who works at the dispensing fields as well as dispensing patients.
We provide our systems, machines and solutions to fit with each customers’ GEMBA.

“Ensuring safety and security” “Struggle and cope with challenges together with the customer” “We create new type of comfort.”
We feel all answers and hints are in the customer’s GEMBA to achieve our goals in our activities.

That is why we believe it is important to be in contact with those in the field every day, and we constantly think,
act, learn, grow, and provide the best solutions for the field.

This has been the unchanging policy of TOSHO since its establishment.



The value provided by TOSHO

Endless pursuit for things what GEMBA seeks.

Delivering products is not our only goal.
We keep looking at GEMBA and working together with those in GEMBA to provide greater safety, efficiency,
and solutions to challenges.

”Contributing to the development of the clinical environment”

Our society has evolved by replacing manual labor to automation.

The clinical environment has a mixing variety of “what man can do the jobs” and “what machine can do the jobs”

By listening with the voices in GEMBA, TOSHO aims to build well thought and sustainable dispensing and medical environment.

Supporting tasks that only humans can do

There are many tasks needs to be face to face communication in the medical and dispensing GEMBA.

And TOSHO has the technology and ideas to support precise and safe dispensing with machines.

Our technology is there to give healthcare professionals the time and latitude to focus on what only humans can do.

Providing new value

Medical technology is advancing day by day, and the environment surrounding medicine is constantly evolving.

We at TOSHO are not afraid of change, and our ongoing aim is to optimize the medical GEMBA by providing and disseminating new value in various forms, actively responding to the needs of the times.