Company Profile

Company Name
Head Office
3-8-8 Higashi-Kojiya, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-0033 Japan
[TEL] +81-3-3745-1331
[Overseas Department] +81-3-3745-0790
April 1st, 1971
President & CEO
Shiro Omura
Vice President & CEO
Yoshihito Omura
Number of Employees
¥24.9 billion (until September 2018)
Business Description
TOSHO manufactures and provides wholesale in
  1. Machines and equipment for hospitals and pharmacies
  2. Automatic medicine dispensing and packing machines and total pharmacy solutions
  3. Devices for medical uses
Branch & Sales Offices
76 locations nationwide
Manufacturing Facility
4 facilities in Japan (Isezaki,Gunma Pref.; Kawaguchi, Saitama Pref.; Niigata, Niigata Pref.; Osaka, Pref.)
Distribution Center
Kawaguchi, Saitama Pref.
Tokyo, Osaka

Business Line

  • Full automatic tablet/powder medicine dispensing machines
  • Full automatic powder medicine dispensing machines
  • Full automatic tablet dispensing machines
  • Injectable medicine dispensing machines (UNIPUL)
  • Automatic blister pack dispensing machines
  • Medicine management devices
  • Printing systems for paper drug bags and prescription sheets
  • Inspection systems
  • Sterile preparation systems
  • Medication and accounting display systems
  • Final inspection and sorting systems
  • Dispensing counter(DPR UNIT)
  • Fixture and facilities for dispensing use
  • Equipment and devices
  • Hospital supplies
  • Online systems


  • Interior decoration and finish
  • Tokyo License (Ordinary-8) No. 103740

Correspondent Financial Institutions (in random order)

  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Kamata
  • MUFG Bank, Ltd. Ohmori Branch
  • Resona Bank, Ltd. Kamata Branch
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kamata Branch

Association Memberships (in random order)

  • Japan Pharmaceutical Equipment & Machinery Association
  • Nippon Omni-Management Association
  • Japan Hospital Association
  • Japanese Society of Medical Instrumentation
  • Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems industry
  • Nippon Pharmacy Association

Board of Directors

President & CEO
Shiro Omura
Vice President & CEO
Yoshihito Omura
Managing Director
Tadashi Mizuno
Boya Takano
Akiyoshi Ito
Shigeyuki Yamamoto
Masato Omura
Hirokazu Nakamizo

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