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Bringing the best solutions to the world.

In 1971, TOSHO started as a wholesaler of medicine weighing paper. We have expanded our business to manufacture and sell dose dispensing machines for tablets and powdered medicines, and develop dispensing systems with related IT integrations. We have been active as a medicine dispensing automation manufacturer for more than half a century.

Our mission is to become TOSHO as “Your best pharmacy solution” “Providing the best solutions for each healthcare site”

“Best” means Achieving high levels of safety and efficiency in the working environment. And to be the best product in the market.

Within TOSHO, in order to realize our mission, each person proactively thinks, takes action and cooperates with colleagues to build a team that can tackle challenges and difficulties.

Beyond the 50 years in business, we aim to grow into a 100-year-old company by our spirit of teamwork and the proficient experiences we have gained through working with domestic and overseas customers. We aim to be a leading global company that contributes to people’s lives and health.

President & CEO Yoshihito Omura

Tosho’s activities were published in Newsweek International.