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  • Company Name

    TOSHO Inc.

  • Head Office Location

    3-8-8 Higashi-Kojiya, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-0033 Japan
    Tel: +81-3-3745-1331


  • Overseas Business Division


  • Established

    April 1, 1971

  • Representatives

    President & CEO Yoshihito Omura

  • Directors

    Executive Director Masato Omura

    Managing Directors Boya Takano

    Directors Hirokazu Nakamizo

    Senior Adviser Shiro Omura

  • Number of Employees


  • Sales

    ¥27.7 billion (Year ended September 30, 2022)

  • Business

    1. Manufacturing sale and wholesale of equipment and devices for hospital pharmacies and dispensing pharmacies
    2. Manufacturing sale and wholesale of various pharmaceutical environment equipment and medicine packaging machines
    3. Manufacturing sale and wholesale of comprehensive medical equipment
  • Showroom

You can see FAQ for our machines & equipments as well as movies about how to replace consumables and how to clean the machine.

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