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From product development to after-sales follow-up,
TOSHO support the medical GEMBA with our comprehensive capabilities.

TOSHO works to enhance safety and usefulness in the medical treatment GEMBA through a wide range of comprehensive approaches, including the development, manufacturing, sale, and maintenance of various kinds of dispensing equipment such as dose dispensing machines, the system integrations and building networks to improve the efficiency of hospital and pharmacy operations, as well as space design and equipment planning.


We always maintain a multifaceted perspective on trends and the evolution of technologies in medical practice in Japan and in overseas. We formulate new product plans that meet the needs of hospitals, pharmacies, and other customers. We carefully verify whether new projects can be turned into actual products from the perspectives of both hardware and software.


Based on planning evolved from R&D, we design the manufacturing processes, quality control, and production system to create a product that brings usefulness and user-friendliness to the market. Also, our involvement in the maintenance and quality improvement of products after-sales is continuously going.


We propose products and systems that match the differing needs of each customer, according to the scale and requirements of their business. We also propose and facilitate better use of space, including equipment arrangement layouts, to improve the efficiency of hospital and pharmacy operations.


We handle the implementation and operation of various kinds of equipment and systems, regardless of the scale of the customer’s business, from large-scale customers such as general hospitals and chains of dispensing pharmacies, to small and medium-sized hospitals, to individual retail pharmacies. When implementing a product, our engineers go on site to install it, check its functionality, and make the training for the users to ensure smooth operation.

After-care services, Preventive maintenance and Follow-ups

We also provide comprehensive after-sales support, including emergency response to all machine and system problems, periodic preventive maintenance for customers who have signed a maintenance contract, and sales of consumables and supplies.

You can see FAQ for our machines & equipments as well as movies about how to replace consumables and how to clean the machine.

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