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TOSHO is engaged in the business of selling equipment and facilities to hospitals and pharmacies in Japan and overseas.Ensuring the security of information handled through each business is an indispensable requirement for customers to use our products and various services with peace of mind. Based on the recognition that this is one of the most important requirements in management and business, we have established the following policy and information security management system, and we steadily implement information security management accordingly.

1. Commitment to information security

TOSHO recognizes that ensuring information security is one of the most important management requirements and a corporate social responsibility, and each and every person involved in our company’s operations is committed to it.

2. Protection of information assets

To ensure the protection of information assets from threats to their confidentiality, integrity and availability, we implement appropriate control measures in accordance with the actual conditions of each business.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with relevant laws and regulations, other rules, and contract requirements in order to ensure information security.

4. Education and training

We provide education and training to improve the awareness of information security among those involved in our businesses and to ensure that all are familiar with our information security policy.

5. Prevention and response to security incidents

Through the operation of an information security management system, each and every one of us at TOSHO strives to prevent the occurrence of information security incidents.In the unlikely event of an incident, we will promptly take appropriate action, including measures to prevent recurrence.

6. Audits

We periodically audit the operational status of our information security management system and take measures to improve it as necessary to ensure information security.

7. Continuous improvement of our information security management system

We strive to constantly improve our information security management system in order to ensure ongoing enhancement of information security. To this end, we set information security goals every year, define and plan activities to achieve these goals, and review the implementation results.In addition, we periodically evaluate and review our Basic Information Security Policy and related internal rules and management systems.

Enacted: October 1, 2020
Revised: January 30,2023
President & CEO Yoshihito Omura