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Need for the AddDis injection drug mixing and inspection system

Injection drug mixing used to be done by nurses, but recently, from the viewpoint of risk management, it is increasingly done by pharmacists.Pharmacists now perform injection drug mixing in various locations such as satellite NICUs, chemotherapy rooms, and dispensing rooms.As the number of fields where pharmacists play an active role increases, new issues are emerging due to labor shortages.

Issues at sites performing injection drug mixing

Preparation errors

Great care must be taken to avoid risks such as wrong patient, wrong preparation volume, and wrong drug.

Information management

Recording the preparation history, such as who prepared which drug, when, and how much, is a daily burden.

Labor allocation

The inspection of mixed injection drugs requires double checks by more than one pharmacist.Moreover, as the number of locations where pharmacists perform drug mixing services increases, pharmacist staffing has become an issue at many medical facilities.

Value provided by the AddDis injection drug mixing and inspection system

Safety assurance

The AddDis system facilitates the mixing of injection drugs both in terms of software and hardware.

  • System screen display

    Projection on the work surface by a projector

  • Drug verification

    Drug verification with barcode reader

  • Inspection

    Weight inspection with electronic scale

  • Drug photography

    Photo capture by camera

  • Operation

    Operated by foot pedal

  • Inspection result

    Inspection receipt output

Visualization of operations

The system records the preparer, preparation time, and preparation details of the prepared formula.It checks the preparer's work and records the contents of the final inspection (responsibilities, time).


Barcode verification and weight inspection checks can be performed with no other pharmacists at the preparation site, eliminating the need for double checking by a third party.

Barcode verification of drugs

Weight inspection check with electronic scale