Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine - TOSHO provides Dose Dispensing Machines in Europe, Oceania, and Asia. Xana-4001U2 has applied its accumulated technologies and experience to satisfy the needs of its users.

High Consciousness of Precise Dispensing

Medicine Cross-checking has never been easier! The Intelligent Feeder (IF) base automatically identifies the location of all the Rotary Cassettes and prevents insertion errors.

Space Efficiency and High Capacity

The drawer type pull out cabinets contain 400 Rotary Cassettes, which allows space-saving dispensing. The cabinets can also be locked to ensure security. The easy-to-fill Rotary Cassettes provide the most time saving assistance for the users.

Packing Speed and Durability

Xana-4001U2 satisfies the high speed and volume dispensing at Dose-dispensing facilities such as Nursing Homes, Long-Term Care Facilities, Hospitals and Private Home Cares.


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