EU/NA - Xana-2040EU.CE / Xana-2040NA CE/UL

Xana-U4002 / Xana-U3002

Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine - This compact model fits into any available space in your pharmacy. The Xana-2040EU and the Xana-2040NA provide compliance packing with superior productivity. The TOSHO Xana generation products gather many years of experience to enhance the safety and performance in pharmacy automation.

Safety/Rotary Cassette Automatic Identification

Each Rotary Cassette is identified automatically by the equipped Intelligent Feeder (IF) to ensure the correct cassette is inserted. LED light alerts if the incorrect cassette is positioned. When using routine dispensing, the IF base locks the wrongly placed cassette to prevent the wrong medicine being dispensed.

66 Cells semi-auto Conveyor Unit with LED Guide

The 66-Cell Conveyor Unit holds tablets filled manually by hand. Each cell has LED light guides to indicate the correct location. This ensures easy and safe filling of multiple medications.

Packing Unit

Packing Unit is designed for easy cleaning and fast replacement of the packing paper and ink ribbon to reduce downtime.

All U2 Function (Optional Feature)

All U2 Function is available for the Xana-2040EU.CE and Xana-2040NA models to optimize efficiency. In this function, Rotary Cassettes are managed under a free-seating chart. The interchangeable are automatically identified by the machine.


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