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Services that only people can do - You may forget to lock the door or forget to buy eggs at the supermarket. Things like that often happen in daily life.  However, such a trifle mistake could trigger a serious accident in the medical world.  We propose various ideas to prevent such mistakes, and our desire is to help medical staff concentrate on the services that people can do.

Xana - Fully Automatic Tablet Dispensing Machine

The model first released on overseas markets has also become the most commonly used type in Japan.

io - Fully Automatic Tablet/Powder Medicine Dispensing Machine

As powder medicine is frequently used in Japan, a dispensing machine combining powder medicine and tablets is widely adopted.

io - Fully Automatic Powder Medicine Dispensing Machine

The most commonly used dispensing machine in Japan for dispensing and packing powder medicine.

UNIPUL - Fully Automatic Injectable Medicine Dispensing Device

This injectable medicine dispensing device selects and discharges numerous injectable medicines according to prescriptions and divides them by patient.

LITERA - Real-Time Medicine Management Device

This device automatically counts and registers usage of drugs every time they are removed from and returned to shelves.

mille - Automatic Dispensing Shelf

This dispensing shelf supports automatic assorting of medicines, covering a wide range of package shapes.

Printers and Other Equipment

Our product lineup includes clean benches, printing devices and other equipment used for dispensing.

Flxia - Preparation Stand Series

We also provide various types of specially designed preparation stands required for storing and dispensing drugs.


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