Our Starting Point

Our Starting Point

There are situations in which we provide new technologies, identify various topics, start communications and create new ideas. We find it important to be in direct contact with the medical world. Daily activities in workplaces are a gold mine of opportunities for enjoying conversations, finding solutions, and getting new ideas.

Services that only people can do

You may forget to lock the door or forget to buy eggs at the supermarket. Things like that often happen in daily life. However, a trifle mistake like this could trigger a serious accident in the medical world. We propose various "ideas" to prevent such mistakes. Our sincere desire is to help medical staff concentrate on the services that only people can do.

Keep changing

People keep changing and so do companies. From this point of view, people and companies are alike. Both always think, run into trouble, take action, produce results, grow and, in the long run, influence their surroundings. Confronting changes without fear is the key to producing "something new". We, TOSHO Co., Inc., would like to keep changing as a part of seeking new things.

Business concepts beyond the barrier of time

We started business selling drug packing papers, long before automatic powder medicine dispensing machines were introduced. Medicine can be considered the origin of TOSHO's business. To propose the best solutions to drug preparation sites and guide each site to its own solution is what TOSHO has been and will continue doing.

"Something new" will change business for the better

By replacing what people have done manually with machines, the world has dramatically changed. Society has evolved alongside a progressive distinction between work that only people can do and work that machines can do. We would like to establish a relationship like this with medical sites. We are aiming to improve medical environments by proposing "something new" all the time.


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